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Friday, 30 September 2011

Album Covers by Joe Petagno

·         Three Man Army Two by Three Man Army 1974
·         The Baker Gurvitz Army by The Baker Gurvitz Army 1975
·         Elysian Encounter by The Baker Gurvitz Army 1975
·         Kick Off Your Muddy Boots by The Graeme Edge Band 1975
·         Paradise Ballroom by The Graeme Edge Band 1977
·         Infernal Eternal by Marduk
·         Motörhead by Motörhead 1977
·         Overkill by Motörhead 1979
·         Another Perfect Day by Motörhead 1983
·         Orgasmatron by Motörhead 1986
·         Rock 'n' Roll by Motörhead 1987
·         Eat the Rich by Motörhead 1987
·         Sacrifice by Motörhead 1995
·         We Are Motörhead by Motörhead 2000
·         25 & Alive Boneshaker by Motörhead 2000
·         Hammered by Motörhead 2002
·         Inferno by Motörhead 2004
·         Pretty Maids EP by Pretty Maids
·         Future World by Pretty Maids
·         Jump the Gun by Pretty Maids
·         Strung Up by Sweet
·         Give Us a Wink by Sweet
·         Whatever Turns You On by West, Bruce and Laing
·         Chill Out or Die (The ambient album) by Würzel
·         Possessor by Rusty Eye
·         Majesty by The Black Dahlia Murder

Originally posted on Friday, 30th September 2011

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