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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Space Rock! 15 Interstellar Tracks

In 2009, Classic Rock magazine issued a space rock compilation cd consisting of the following tracks: 
1.   Kiss of the Zodiak (Sjoberg) by Space Probe Taurus
2.   A Bed at the Edge of the Universe (Klarqvist, Nilsson, Ohlsson, Winnberg, Florstrom) by Generous Maria
3.   Planet (Mangoo) by Mangoo
4.   Incredible Masquerade (Konesky) by Sea of Air
5.   Countdown to Breakdown (Woodrose) by Baby Woodrose
6.   Rolling Thunder (Farr) by The Astronaut Suit
7.   Space Madness (Westell, Jackson) by The She Creatures
8.   Amanda of the Golden Dawn (Mead) by Guild Navigators
9.   Hold Me Under (Sleaze Remix) (Sasquatch) by Sasquatch
10. Drivin' to Roswell (Jet Jaguar) by Jet Jaguar
11. The Ruins of the Pyramids (High Watt Electrocutions) by High Watt Electrocutions
12. Alien Eyes (Space Cretins) by Space Cretins
13. Time to Vertigo (Miljand, Norman, Uggla, Bengtsson) by Mother and Sun
14. Supernovae (Oberlack) by Scarlet Utopia
15. Plague of the Planet (Excerpt) (Ogre) by Ogre
Originally posted on Tuesday, 1st November 2011

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