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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Space Rock Bands From Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Central & South America, and the Southern Hemisphere

Acid Mothers Temple (Japan)
Ahkmed (Australia)
Alpha Omega (Australia)
Angel'in Heavy Syrup (Japan)
Daddy Antogna Y Los De Helio (Argentina)
Apryl Fool (Japan)
Aquanaut (Australia)
Aquelarre (Argentina)
Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Multi-National)
Masaki Batoh (Japan)

Bosques (Argentina)
Brainstorm (Australia)
Robert Calvert South Africa
Chilliwack (Canada)
Cock C'nell (Japan)
Las Cosas (Argentina)
Cosmos Factory (Japan)

Datetenryu (Japan)

El Diablo (Mexico)
The Earlies (Multi-National)
Elevator (Canada)
An Emerald City (Multi-National)
Eter-K (Peru)

Falsos Conejos (Argentina)
Far East Family Band (Japan)
Far Out (Japan)
Flower Travellin' Band (Japan)
Food Brain (Japan)
Fraktal (Argentina)

Galápagos (Argentina)
Ghost (Japan)
Glossolalia (Multi-National)
Go-Neko! (Argentina)
Green Milk From The Planet Orange (Japan)
Greylevel (Canada)

Hanadensha (Japan)
Hash Jar Tempo (Multi-National)
Honduras Libregrupo (Argentina)
Hotel Wrecking City Traders (Australia)
House Of Not (Canada)
Humanoid (Canada)
Humus (Mexico)

Imanissimo (Indonesia)
Inomata Takeshi & Sound L.T.D. (Japan)
Instant Flight (Multi-National)
Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet (Brazil)

Jacks (Japan)
Joy Heights (Japan)

Karuna Khyal (Japan)
Paul Kidney Experience (Australia)
Kosmos (Canada)
Kousokuya (Japan)
Kuni Kawachi To Kare No Tomodachi (Japan)

La Ira De Dios (Peru)
Laghonia (Peru)
Lenin (Argentina)
Leningrad Blues Machine (Japan)
Les Rallizes Denudes (Japan)
Loch Ness (Mexico)
The Longest Day (Australia)
Love Live Life + One (Japan)

Michel Madore (Canada)
Magical Power Mako (Japan)
Majutsu No Niwa (Japan)
Mammal Machine (Japan)
Marble Sheep (Japan)
Moby Trip (New Zealand)
Moon Phantoms (Multi-National)
Mushroom Giant (Australia)
Os Mutantes (Brazil)
Myriad (Australia)

Los Natas (Argentina)

Obskuria (Multi-National)
One Switch To Collision (Multi-National)
Oresund Space Collective (Multi-National)
Orion's Beethoven (Argentina)
The Ovals (Australia)

Péloquin-Sauvageau (Canada)
People (Japan)
Pilotocopiloto (Peru)
Psyche Bugyo (Japan)

Ragnarok (New Zealand)
Rovo (Japan)
Ryodan (Japan)

Semente (Brazil)
Semi (Japan)
Serpentina Satelite (Peru)
Sf (Japan)
Sh'mantra (Australia)
Shinki Chen & Friends (Japan)
Som Imaginário (Brazil)
Speed; Glue And Shinki (Japan)
Spirits Burning (Multi-National)
The Stars (Japan)
Suishou No Fune (Japan)
The Sun Blindness (Australia)

Taj-Mahal Travellers (Japan)
Tantra (Argentina)
Traffic Sound (Peru)
Twin Tail (Japan)
U-Ni (Japan)

Violeta De Outono (Brazil)
Virtual Max (Canada)

Hiro Yanagida (Japan)

Originally posted on Tuesday, 1st November 2011

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