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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Space Rock Bands From Europe

Acid Floriani (Russia)
Agamemnon Switzerland
Ahora Mazda (Netherlands)
Akasha (Norway)
Algarnas Tradgard (Sweden)
Alhambra (Italy)
Alice (France)
Almuadem (Portugal)
Alpes & Catherine Ribeiro (France)
Alrune Rod (Denmark)
Ame Son (France)
Amonullunoma (Ireland)
Analogy (Italy)
Annot Rhül (Norway)
Anonima Sound Ltd. (Italy)
Apteka (Poland)
Aqua Nebula Oscillator (France)
Aquaserge (France)
Arilyn (Germany)
Astralia (Italy)
Atleta (Spain)
Avaruuskorpraali Paha Hirvi (Finland)

Baby Grandmothers (Sweden)
Backstreet Romeos (Germany)
Beiruth (Spain)
The Black Noodle Project (France)
Bland Bladen (Sweden)
Blue Phantom (Italy)

Christian Boulé (France)
The Carpet Knights (Sweden)
Catharsis (France)
Cauldron (Sweden)
Causa Sui (Denmark)
Charlie & Esdor (Sweden)
Circle (Finland)
Circus 2000 (Italy)
Cock C'nell Japan
Colorstar (Hungary)
Colster (Italy)
Coma Stereo (Slovenia)
La Compagnia Digitale (Italy)
Cosmic Trip Machine (Belgium)
Cucumber Farmer (Finland)
Cuzo (Spain)

D Sound (Hungary)
Dark Buddha Rising (Finland)
Dark Sun (Finland)
Darxtar (Sweden)
Dasputnik (Finland)
Day Of Phoenix (Denmark)
Domo (Spain)
Dragontears (Denmark)
Drahk Von Trip (Sweden)
Dungen (Sweden)

Eating.Seats (Italy)
Eden Rose (France)
Ego On The Rocks (Germany)
The Egocentrics (Romania)
Egyptian Kings (Portugal)
Ektroverde (Finland)
Electric Moon (Germany)
Eloy (Germany)

First Band from Outer Space (Sweden)
Fleur De Lis (Denmark)
Force Majeure (Hungary)

Galacticka (Finland)
Galaxy Switzerland
Gdeva (Russia)
The Giant Hogweed Orchestra (Finland)
Alain Goraguer (France)
Group 1850 (Netherlands)

Dashiell Hedayatt (France)
Hidria Spacefolk (Finland)
Hills (Sweden)
Holy River Family Band (Sweden)
Hypnos 69 (Belgium)

Igra Staklenih Perli (Yugoslavia)
Ikihevonen (Finland)
Djordje Ilijin (Yugoslavia)
In a Nutshell (Russia)
Insider (Italy)
Interkosmos (Austria)
International Harvester (Sweden)
Ivory (Germany)
Ixthuluh (Austria)

Jade (France)

Kaarna (Finland)
Kalutaliksuak (Russia)
Karmic Society (Germany)
Kill For Total Peace (France)
Kingston Wall (Finland)
Kiruna (Norway)
Klar Czech Republic
Pasi Koivu (Finland)
Korai Öröm (Hungary)
Erkin Koray (Turkey)
Kozmic Muffin (Spain)
Kvasar (Spain)

Lava (Sweden)
Lemmus Lemmus (Israel)
London Underground (Italy)
Lüger (Spain)

The Machine (Netherlands)
Manta Ray (Spain)
Mappe Nootiche (Italy)
Alain Markusfeld (France)
Mars Red Sky (France)
Mary Newsletter (Italy)
Másfél (Hungary)
Merkabah (Poland)
Mess (Estonia)
Message (Germany)
Monkey3 Switzerland
Moon Fog Prophet (Finland)
Moonwagon (Finland)
The Moor (Sweden)
Mother-Unit (Netherlands)
The Movements (Sweden)
My Brother The Wind (Sweden)
My Sleeping Karma (Germany)

Nangyala (Netherlands)
Negative Zone (France)
Nemrud (Turkey)
Giorgio C. Neri (Italy)
Nimbus (Finland)
Nnecra Packe (France)
Noetics (Germany)
Nosound (Italy)
Nyl (France)

Octopus (Germany)
Octopus Syng (Finland)
Okta Logue (Germany)
Ole Lukkoye (Russia)
Omega (Hungary)
Orange Shading Starlight (Italy)

Ta Paichnidia Tou Iliou (Greece)
The Pancakes (Germany)
Panta Rei (Sweden)
Papir (Denmark)
El Páramo (Spain)
Perizona Experiment (Italy)
Pharaoh Overlord (Finland)  
Plj Band (Greece)
Polytoxicomane Philharmonie (Germany)
Poseidon (Germany)
Pseudo Sun (Sweden)
Psi Corps (Russia)
Purple Overdose (Greece)

Qoph (Sweden)
Quantum Fantay (Belgium)

Råd Kjetil And The Loving Eye Of God (Sweden)
Radar Men From The Moon (Netherlands)
Radiomobel (Sweden)
Rainy Season (Russia)
Rara Avis In Terris (France)
Raven Sad (Italy)
The Re-Stoned (Russia)
Realeaf (Israel)
The Roots Of Echo (Sweden)
Rotor (Germany)

Samsara Blues Experiment (Germany)
Saunabadh (Finland)
Scarlet Utopia (Germany)
Schwarz (Spain)
Sehnsucht (Russia)
Seid (Norway)
Sensations' Fix (Italy)
Sepsis (Russia)
Seven That Spells (Croatia)
Siddhartha (Turkey)
Signal To Noise Ratio (Poland)
Sistra (Italy)
Sleepin Pillow (Greece)
Slow Ride Home (Ukraine)
Snc (Italy)
Solar Project (Germany)
Sonar (Hungary)
Space Debris (Germany)
Space Mirrors (Russia)
The Spacelords (Germany)
The Spacious Mind (Sweden)
Spirit Of The Matter (France)
St Mikael (Sweden)
Steeo (Italy)
Stereokimono (Italy)
Streetmark (Germany)
Südstern 44 (Germany)
Sula Bassana (Germany)
Sunrise Sunset Project (Russia)
Suuk (Estonia)
Svartbag (Denmark)

Taipuva Luotisuora (Finland)
Tako (Yugoslavia)
Tangle Edge (Norway)
Tanned Leather (Germany)
Temple Of The Smoke (Serbia)
The 4 Levels of Existence (Greece)
35007 (Netherlands)
Tidal Flood (Greece)
Tma-1 (Spain)
Tnvvnüm (Estonia)
Trad Gras Och Stenar (Sweden)
Traummaschine (Spain)
Tunderground (Romania)
Turzi (France)
Twilight (Germany)

The Ursula Minor (Tunisia)

Vespero (Russia)
Vibravoid (Germany)
Void Generator (Italy)

Weltraum (Germany)

Will-O-The-Wisp (Greece)

Zemlja Broj 9 (Serbia)
Zone Six (Germany)

Originally posted on Tuesday, 1st November 2011

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