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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Albums on the Vertigo Label

CN          Cressida by Cressida
CN          Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath
CN          An Old Raincoat Never Lets You Down by Rod Stewart
CN          Chapter 3 by Manfred Mann Chapter 3
CN          Juicy Lucy by Juicy Lucy
CN          Valentyne Suite by Colosseum
CN          Vertigo Annual 1970 by Various Artists
CN          Through The Years by Freedom
6325250   Wednesday's Child by Thomas F Browne
6342010   One Fine Morning by Lighthouse
6342011   Thoughts Of Moving On by Lighthouse
6360001   From Home To Home  by Fairfield Parlour
6360002   Gracious! By Gracious!
6360003   Seasons by Magna Carta
6360004   Affinity by Affinity
6360006   Very 'eavy, Very 'umble by Uriah Heep
6360007   May Blitz by May Blitz
6360008   Elastic Rock by Nucleus
6360009   Heavy Petting by Dr. Strangely Strange
6360011   Paranoid by Black Sabbath
6360012   Manfred Mann Chapter 3 Volume 2 by Manfred Mann’s Chapter 3
6360013   Clear Blue Sky by Clear Blue Sky
6360014   Lie Back & Enjoy It by Juicy Lucy
6360015   Warhorse by Warhorse
6360016   Patto  by Patto
6360017   Daughter Of Time by Colosseum
6360018   Act One by Beggars Opera
6360019   Legend (Red Boot) by  Legend
6360020   Gentle Giant by Gentle Giant
6360021   Holy Magick by Graham Bond
6360023   Gravy Train by Gravy Train
6360024   Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening by Keith Tippett
6360025   Asylum by Cressida
6360026   Still Life by Still Life
6360027   We'll Talk About It Later by Nucleus
6360028   Salisbury by Uriah Heep
6360029   Catapilla by Catapilla
6360030   Assagai by Assagai
6360031   Local Anaesthetic by Nirvana
6360032   Hold Your Fire by Patto
6360033   Jade Warrior by Jade Warrior
6360034   If You Saw Thro' My Eyes by Ian Matthews
6360037   2nd Of May by May Blitz
6360038   Oakdown Farm by Daddy Long Legs
6360039   Solar Plexus by Ian Carr's Nucleus
6360040   Songs From Wastie's Orchard by Magna Carta
6360041   Acquiring The Taste by Gentle Giant
6360042   We Put Our Magick On You by Graham Bond
6360043   Tudor Lodge by Tudor Lodge
6360045   Heads Together by Various Artists
6360046   Space Hymns by Ramases
6360048   Three Parts To My Soul by Dr. Z
6360049   Through The Years by Freedom
6360050   Masters Of Reality by Black Sabbath
6360051   Ballad Of A Peaceful Man by Gravy Train
6360052   Ben by Ben
6360053   Mike Absalom by Mike Absalom
6360054   Waters Of Change by  Beggars Opera
6360055   Blue by John Dummer
6360056   Tigers Will Survive by Ian Matthews
6360060   Pieces Of Me by Linda Hoyle
6360062   Released by Jade Warrior
6360063   Moonshine by Legend
6360064   Earth Harmony by Hokus Poke
6360066   The Red Sea by Warhorse
6360068   In Concert by Magna Carta
6360069   Gordon by Gordon Waller
6360070   Three Friends by Gentle Giant
6360071   Volume IV by Black Sabbath
6360072   Freedom Is More Than A Word by Freedom
6360073   Pathfinder by Beggars Opera
6360074   Changes by Catapilla
6360076   Belladonna by Ian Carr's Nucleus
6360079   Last Autumn's Dream by Jade Warrior
6360080   Octopus by Gentle Giant
6360081   Framed by Sensational Alex Harvey Band
6360082   Piledriver by Status Quo
6360083   Oobleedooblee Jubilee by John Dummer
6360087   Manfred Mann's Earthband by Manfred Mann's Earthband
6360088   Messin' by Manfred Mann's Earthband
6360500   Gasoline Alley by Rod Stewart
6360609   Atlantis by Atlantis
6360616   Ralf & Florian by Kraftwerk
6641077   Kraftwerk by Kraftwerk
6673001   666 by Aphrodite's Child

Originally posted on Saturday, 05 February 2011

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