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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Rainbow Discography

1975     Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow on Polydor
            Singles: Man on the Silver Mountain, Catch the Rainbow 

1976     Rising on Polydor
Singles: Starstruck, Stargazer   

1977     On Stage Live  

1978     Long Live Rock 'n' Roll on Polydor
            Singles: Kill the King, Long Live Rock 'N' Roll, LA Connection

1979     Down to Earth on Polydor
Singles: Gates of Babylon, Since You Been Gone,

1980     Single: All Night Long (1980)

1981     Difficult to Cure PolyGram
            Singles: I Surrender, Can't Happen Here 

1981     The Best of Rainbow Compilation

1981     Jealous Lover EP

1982     Straight Between the Eyes on Polydor
            Singles: Stone Cold, Power       

1983     Bent out of Shape on Mercury
Singles: Can't Let You Go, Street of Dreams      

1986     Finyl Vinyl Live             

1990     Live in Germany '76 Live           

1995     Stranger in Us All
Singles: Hunting Humans (Insatiable), Ariel         

1997     The Very Best of Rainbow Compilation
2000     20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Rainbow Compilation         
2001     Classic Rainbow - The Universal Masters Collection Compilation 
2002     Pot of Gold Compilation
2002     All Night Long: An Introduction Compilation
2003     Catch the Rainbow: The Anthology Compilation  
2006     Live in Munich 1977 Live                       
2006     Deutschland Tournee 1976 (box set) Live           
2009     Star Club Präsentiert Rainbow Compilation         
2009     Anthology 1975-1984 (incl. unreleased track) Compilation

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