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Friday, 11 February 2011

Manfred Mann's Earth Band Album Discography

1972   Manfred Mann's Earth Band
The debut album reached number 138 in the US album chart. It features Manfred Mann on mini Moog synthesizer for the first time. Covers include Bob Dylan’s Please Mrs Henry and Randy Newman’s Living Without You, which was a minor US hit.

1972   Glorified Magnified
The first album to feature the Earth Band logo on the sleeve and includes the Bob Dylan cover It's All Over Now Baby Blue. The album did not chart in the UK or US.

1973   Messin'              
The third album reached number 196 in the US album chart. It was first released on the Vertigo label in the UK and issued on the Polydor label in the US with the title Get Your Rocks Off.

1973   Solar Fire
The first Earth Band album to be issued on the Bronze label reached number 96 in the US album chart. It features the hit singles Joybringer (based on Gustav Holst's Jupiter from the Planets Suite) and Bob Dylan's Father of Day, Father of Night.

1974   The Good Earth
             Anyone who bought the album acquired the rights to a square foot of land in Wales. It reached number 157 in the US album chart and number 20 in Norway.

1975   Nightingales & Bombers  
The last album by the original line-up reached number 120 in the US album chart and number 10 in Norway. It includes a recording made on the 19th May 1942 by a sound engineer for the BBC. Intending to capture a nightingale's song, he also, by accident, recorded the sound of RAF bombers on their way to attack Mannheim, Germany. The album also includes the first Bruce Springsteen cover Spirits in the Night.

1976   The Roaring Silence
The first album with a new line-up: Chris Thompson (vocals, guitar) and Dave Flett (lead guitar) replacing Mick Rogers (guitar, vocals), reached number 10 in both the UK and US album charts. It fared even better in Norway reaching number 6. It includes the international hit single Blinded by the Light, a re-working of the Bruce Springsteen song.

1978   Watch    
Original bassist Colin Pattenden is replaced by Pat King for Watch, which reached number 33 in the UK album chart, 83 in the US and 2 in Norway. It features a live version of Manfred Mann's 1968 hit single Mighty Quinn, written by Bob Dylan.

1979   Angel Station      
Angel Station reached number 30 in the UK album chart, 144 in the US and 3 in Norway. It features Bob Dylan's You Angel You and Mike Heron's Don't Kill It Carol. Geoff Britton replaced Chris Slade on drums, leaving Manfred Mann as the only original member. Steve Waller also replaced Dave Flett on lead guitar. Lead singer Chris Thompson intended to leave the Earth Band to concentrate on his solo project Night, but this was not successful and he remained for the group’s 1980 album, Chance.

1980   Chance  
Chance did not chart in the UK, but reached number 87 in the US and 6 in Norway. Produced by Manfred Mann and Trevor Rabin, it includes another Springsteen cover, For You. John Lingwood, who toured with the band on the Angel Station tour, replaced Geoff Britton on drums. Willy Finlayson contributes vocals to Heart On The Street.

1983   Somewhere in Afrika       
Ahead of its time, the album features African singers and chants, as well as versions of Bob Marley's Redemption Song and Sting's Demolition Man. Runner, available on the north American version of the album, reached number 22 in the US album chart, 16 in Canada and 8 in Norway. The album made number 87 in the UK album chart and 40 in the US.

1984   Budapest Live
Recorded live on 6th and 7th April 1983 at the Budapest Sports Arena on the Somewhere in Europe tour and includes live versions of the band's greatest hits including Spirits in the Night and Mighty Quinn. The remastered edition contains a live version of Runner.  

1986   Criminal Tango   
Criminal Tango is credited to 'Manfred Mann's Earth Band with Chris Thompson' and marked the return of Mick Rogers on guitar. It is the first album to feature Steve Kinch on bass. The album includes covers of Joni Mitchell's Banquet and Eddie and the Hot Rods' Do Anything You Wanna To Do. Criminal Tango did not chart in the UK or US, but made number 7 in Norway.

1987   Masque  
Subtitled Songs and Planets, the album features parts of Gustav Holst's Planets Suite. It represents the completed version of a project originally planned for 1973's Solar Fire, (shelved because the band was unable to obtain formal permission from Holst's estate). The band is Manfred Mann, Mick Rogers and John Lingwood. Chris Thompson is not present.

1991   Plains Music
Credited to 'Manfred Mann's Plains Music', the majority of the tracks on this album are based around the melodies of the North American Plains Indians. It is the first album to feature Noel McCalla on vocals.

1996   Soft Vengeance
Recorded over four years, the album has both Chris Thompson and Noel McCalla on lead vocals, with Mick Rogers on lead guitar. It includes covers of Del Amitri's Nothing Ever Happens, the Rolling Stones’ Don’t Play with Me and Bob Dylan's Shelter from the Storm. It reached number 22 in the Norwegian album chart.

1998   Mann Alive
Live recordings from the Soft Vengeance European tour 1996 – 1997. The line-up is Manfred Mann keyboards, vocals, Mick Rogers guitars, Chris Thompson guitar, vocals, Noel McCalla vocals, Steve Kinch bass  and John Trotter drums.

1999   The Best Of Manfred Mann's Earth Band Re-Mastered
             A 'best of' compilation, featuring single versions of various tracks. The album reached number 1 in Norway.

2001   The Best Of Manfred Mann's Earth Band Re-Mastered Volume II
             A 'best of' compilation featuring single, 12” and live versions of various tracks.

2004   2006
             The album is credited to 'Manfred Mann '06 with Manfred Mann's Earth Band'.

2005   Odds & Sods - Mis-takes & Out-takes
A 4xCD box set of alternate takes, outtakes and other assorted rarities, recorded over the 35 year career of Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

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