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Monday, 24 January 2011

End of Week Call to an Agency

ecause work has been very quiet since the start of the spring term and it was the end of the week, I decided to telephone an agency on Friday afternoon. At first I was told the person I wanted to speak to was in a meeting and no offer was made to call me back, so I phoned again an hour later. I asked if things had been as quiet with the agency as they had been for me. This was affirmed, I think, by, “I just wish the system would sort itself out so we could get on.” I am not absolutely sure what she meant by this; was she talking about the authorities, agencies or schools?  Despite not feeling responsible, I was also informed, “It’s not you.” About an hour after this, she phoned to offer a day in a local school as a ‘float’ on Tuesday 25th January. On reflection, it seemed as though, in response to my prompting, she had cold-called a few schools to obtain this day. Would I have been offered this work, if I had not initiated the conversation and are they likely to find anything else this week?

Originally posted on Monday, 24th January 2011

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