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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Progressive Rock and Household Furnishings

rogressive rock goes naturally with some themes, such as fantasy and science-fiction. Less obvious is the connection between progressive rock and household furnishings:

There must be others . . .

With many thanks to: RealMuso, jkl2000, kErrYkOMpOsT, HilltopMan, TonyL, OptiquesJeff, Sharp, omark2, nestor, Progbear, penguindf12, rick and roll, rogerkeith, mogrooves, Hunnibee, Son of Nothing, Neil Palfreyman, philsunset, Vicky, AdventMRP, Calabasas Trafalgar . . . and anyone I have missed

The Tube by Art Bears
Back Door album by Back Door
The Final Curtain by Tony Banks
Dolly Rocker by Syd Barrett
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window by The Beatles from Abbey Road
Domino's Hammock by Birth Control
I Am a Camera by Buggles

Paperhouse by Can
Spoon by Can
Pictures of You by the Cure
Air Conditioning by Curved Air
Knocking at Your Back Door by Deep Purple from Perfect Strangers
Nobody's Home by Deep Purple from Perfect Strangers
Porcelain by Demians   
The Doors
Bob Drake's Cabinet of Curiosities
Bob Drake frequently mentions furnishings in his material, including: "strange tools" in "The House", "The Statue", "an old spirit cabinet and a table strewn with dried-up flowers" in "The Medium's House" and on and on and on...
Patchwork by Echolyn
Electric Light Orchestra by Electric Light Orchestra
Mr. Radio by Electric Light Orchestra
Pictures at an Exhibition by ELP from Pictures at an Exhibition
Black Napkins by FZ
Sofa Back by FM
Sofa #1/#2 by FZ
The Knife by Genesis
Chamber of 32 Doors by Genesis
The Musical Box by Genesis
Carpet Crawlers by Genesis from The Lamb lies Down on Broadway
I know what I like (In your Wardrobe) by Genesis
Time Table by Genesis
Open Door by Genesis
Peel The Paint by Gentle Giant
In A Glass House by Gentle Giant
Glass Hammer
Flying Teapot by Gong
Radio [Garden] Gnome Invisible by Gong
Inner Temple by Gong
Eat That Phonebook Coda by Gong
Bed (side Manners are Extra) by Greenslade from Bedside Manners are Extra
Clocks by Steve Hackett
Jacuzzi by Steve Hackett
Sofa Sound by Peter Hammill
Candle by Peter Hammill
When it comes to houses and/or doors, Peter Hammill cannot be topped!
Steaming Pipes by Happy the Man
Rocking Chair in Hawaii by George Harrison from Brainwashed
Electric Tepee by Hawkwind
Comfy Chair by Hawkwind BOTE
Hall of the Mountain Grill by Hawkwind
TV Suicide by Hawkwind
Saucer Surfing by Steve Hillage
Motivation Radio by Hillage
Furniture by Horslips
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning by Hot Tuna

Bedspring Kiss by Jellyfish
Black Satin Dancer by Jethro Tull
Minstrel In The Gallery by Jethro Tull
Weathercock by Jethro Tull
Hot Mango Flush by Jethro Tull
Closet Chronicles by Kansas
Picture by Kino
Hall of Mirrors by Kraftwerk
Home Computer by Kraftwerk
Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

American Garage by Pat Metheny
Signed Curtain by Matching Mole
Immediate Curtain by Matching Mole
Chandeliers and Mirrors by Chris McGregor
Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil
Tales from the Green Sofa by Mirage
Mammoth Hide by The Muffins
Binoculars by National Health
Good Old Desk by Harry Nilsson
Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield
The Drapery Falls by Opeth
Feng Shui by Ozric Tentacles
Linoleum by Pain of Salvation
A Picture of Nectar by Phish
A Pillow of Winds by Pink Floyd from Meddle
Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd from The Wall
Absolutely Curtains by Pink Floyd
The Wall by Pink Floyd
Careful with that Axminster, Eugene by Pink Floyd
Bring the Tallboys Back Home by Pink Floyd
The Bed's Too Big by The Police
Lightbulb Sun by Porcupine Tree
New Lamps For Old by Procol Harum
T.V. Caesar by Procol Harum
Four Grey Walls by Rare Bird
Moving Pictures by Rush
Power Windows by Rush

Camera Is Rising by Slapp Happy
Mousetrap by Soft Machine
All White by Soft Machine
Spoonman by Soundgarden
Under The Table With Her by Sparks
The Doorway by Spock's Beard
The Light album by Spock's Beard
Black Coffee In Bed by Squeeze
Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf
No song title here, but I have a Stewart & Gaskin "Big Idea" promo night light
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Spiral staircase by Supersister
Burning Down The House by Talking Heads
Songs From The Big Chair by Tears for Fears
TV is King by the Tubes from Remote Control

Force It album by UFO
Windows by Utopia
Out of My Book by Van Der Graaf
House With No Door by Van Der Graaf Generator
And The Cradle Will Rock by Van Halen
Tapestries by Rick Wakeman
Scullery by Clifford T. Ward
Vacant Chair by Steve Winwood from Chronicles
Yes mentions "easy in the chair that really fits you" in "Heart of the Sunrise"
Big Generator by Yes
The Ladder by Yes
Washing Machine Messiah by Yes
South Sideboard of the Sky by Yes

Sofa No 2 by Frank Zappa
Porcelain Monkey by Warren Zevon
This should go on for a while, like some bad Talking Heads album. - The tin drum

Originally compiled and posted on Tuesday 18th January 2011

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