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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mr Gove's Education Bill

ducation Secretary Michael Gove said Ofsted will get powers to put schools into special measures based on their disciplinary record alone. If the school does not improve, they could be shut down. The plans will be included in an Education Bill published today (27th January 2011). Mr Gove said UK classrooms faced a "discipline crisis". He added: "It's the main reason teachers leave the profession, and many good graduates don't become teachers." Ofsted currently grades schools on teaching, leadership and exam results.

Mr Gove intends to allow Ofsted to assess school disciplinary records. Those faring "particularly badly" on discipline may be taken over by a better performing local school or an academy with "a strong record on discipline". The Bill will also enable teachers to seize pornography, mobile telephones and video cameras from pupils as well as give detentions to pupils without parents getting the current 24 hours' notice.

Mr Gove claims that teachers, accused of inappropriate behaviour by pupils, will be granted anonymity unless they are charged. He said, "The whole trend in the last 25-30 years has been away from respect for teachers and towards pupils saying, 'I know my rights'. I want to restore respect for teachers. The public are clear that we need to improve behaviour."

The Bill will also set out plans for free schools and a curriculum review. Teaching unions and Labour are opposed to the changes.

Originally posted on Thursday, 27 January 2011

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