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Friday, 14 January 2011

The Failures

n the first day of the spring term 2011, I sent emails to a number of ‘local’ schools, explaining my position and that I was looking for work as a supply teacher. By chance, I discovered 14 failed emails in my spam box, in addition to the handful which I had removed earlier from the inbox, all of which I knew, with one being relatively recent. The new head teacher at this last school was a year 6 class teacher in the school in which I served my final contract. She had also been a deputy in a school in which I had served as a supply teacher. My dealings with her were few-and-far between. As a new recruit at the final contract school, the head teacher arranged for me to observe this teacher as an example of good practise. When trying to teach in the school in which she was deputy, I had sent for help when the children were throwing pencils. It was her that arrived and was not particularly helpful. One of the numerous problems with being a supply teacher is that people in positions of responsibility make judgements which can have an effect on future employment. Did this teacher maintain a prejudice or hold a grudge?

Originally posted on Friday, 14 January 2011

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