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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Diaries of Supply Teachers

Wednesday 12th January 2011

ooking for inspiration in writing this Blog, I did a Google search on ‘diary of a supply teacher’. Entries are predominantly secondary and range from those mirroring my own experiences (at least in part), through the vague or unsubstantiated to the fantastic and ridiculous. The following list is from the first page.

Although relatively old, I found these BBC News web pages interesting:

1.       Diary of a School Supply Teacher states ‘Supply teachers encounter a variety of school situations. AA has been a teacher for more than 20 years - mostly teaching children and adults with special educational needs part-time while her own children were at school. For the past few years she has been working as a supply teacher - filling temporary positions in schools with short-term vacancies. During the summer term of 2004 she kept a diary of her experiences. Below is the first week which illustrates the positive and negative aspects of teaching today . . .’ AA goes on to include little details like the teacher who does not make eye contact through a conversation.

Posted on Thursday, 29th September 2005

Navigation within the BBC News site took me to a related article and the second on my list Supply Teachers - and Proud of It, not a diary entry at all, but interesting nevertheless.

2.       Supply Teachers - and Proud of It is introduced with ‘we invited your responses to a feature on supply teachers’ and contains a number of comments both for and against supply teachers.                    

Posted on Friday 23rd September 2005

Also of interest, and more recent, are:

3.       Diary Of A Supply Teacher: 'I do my best to contain the noise, to no avail' in the education section of The Independant website appears to be a one-off and, as such, is not really a diary entry at all. The author’s sources and details are very limited.  

Posted on Thursday, 28 August 2008

4.       Diary of an NQT: a day in the life of a supply teacher by a Miss B Have is written in a lively style but, before the days of agencies, newly qualified or probationary teachers were not allowed to work on supply.

Posted on 9th January 9 2011

Of limited interest is:

5.       Diary of a Substitute Teacher: Day 1 by John Gold, Yahoo! Contributor Network, by what seems to be an American author, appears fictional in its improbability and flippancy.
Posted on 11th April 2007

Overall, this is a mixed bag, but I will periodically look for further diaries and blogs on supply teaching. If I have learned anything from this survey, it is to try to make my blog entries more interesting or lively, and therefore more readable, while still reflecting the reality.
Originally posted on Wednesday 12th January 2011

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